Members of the Institute for Livestock and the Environment include Colorado State University faculty from 16 different disciplines. Faculty across these disciplines are addressing a cross-section of issues from land conservation, environmental practices, and energy development related to livestock production. View our list of members to find contact information and areas of interest.

College of Agricultural Sciences                                College of Natural Resources

Plant & Soil Sciences                                            Forest, Rangeland & Watershed Stewardship

Animal Sciences                                                              Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology

Agricultureal & Resource Economics                      Human Dimensions of Natural Resources

Bioagricultural Sciences & Pest Management              Center for Collaboration Conservation

Center for Integrated Resource Management


College of Engineering                                                               College of Liberal Arts

Civil and Environmental Engineering                                                    Sociology

Atmospheric Science                                                                    Journalism & Technical Writing


College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

Clinical Studies

Environemental & Radiological Health Sciences

Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory